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On the 29th of September 2023, a remarkable event took place at our digital hub; the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre, that brought together delegates, music enthusiasts, talented bands, and the vibrant culture of Malawi.

The NMN Battle of the Bands awards show was an unforgettable celebration of creativity, dedication, and the power of community. Five exceptional bands graced our stage, each presenting their unique take on Malawian music.

These bands had spent weeks crafting their pieces, drawing inspiration from the rich musical traditions of Malawi. From traditional rhythms to modern interpretations, their performances were a mesmerizing blend of old and new. Why don’t we take you on a journey through our hub, the venue where the process of getting to this incredible day all started.


Our Digital Hub

At the heart of this musical extravaganza was our digital hub—a place where creativity knows no bounds. Our hub provides a nurturing environment for participants to meet with mentors, learn new skills, and explore their artistic passions. Here are some key features that made this event possible: 

Training Space: Our spacious training space is a hub of learning and innovation. Participants have access to mentors who guide them in their creative journeys, helping them hone their skills and realize their artistic visions. This space also serves as a dedicated research area, complete with monitors and resources to aid participants in their creative processes. Whether it’s studying musical history or exploring new techniques, our digital hub has it all. 

Studio: In our studio, participants have access to recording equipment, musical instruments, and production tools. This invaluable resource allowed the bands to bring their musical dreams to life. They got to schedule practice sessions which all happened there. 

The Rooftop: One of the highlights of this afternoon was the spectacular rooftop setting of our event. With the current hot weather, the rooftop was the perfect venue choice. The open-air atmosphere provided a delightful backdrop to the performances. Seated under the sky, guests were treated to a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Seating arrangements included invited guests, judges, and a stage setup that allowed the bands to shine. The addition of charming umbrella tables added a touch of elegance and comfort to the event, making it a night to remember. 

All in all, the NMN Battle of the Bands awards show held at our digital hub was a celebration of creativity, culture, and community. Through the hard work of the bands, the resources of our hub, and the idyllic rooftop venue, this event showcased the power of music to unite people from diverse backgrounds. 

Want to come and work from the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre, or host your events on our rooftop? Get in touch with our team on +265 991 85 07 49, and let’s have a chat about how we can support your creative and innovative work events.

Work With Us

Want to partner on or fund one of our programmes / initiatives? We are always open to collaborations and partnerships. Contact our Chief Operation Officer; Mr. Victor Caeser Gondwe via victor@kwathucentre.org, or give us a call(direct or WhatsApp) on +265991850749.

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